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These days all sort of mashed into one.

Monday I took it easy cause my legs were jello still….went to look at glasses…

Tuesday I went for a 6k walk followed by a really great piece of pumpkin spice cake…so that pretty much canceled to walk out

yesterday I watched a friend fix our washer and went and knocked out 3k at the pool….I miss the pool and forgot how fun it was.¬† Walking the 2k there and back helped me out too ūüôā

today is thursday…weigh and free meal day…WHOOP


woke up early and di 3 more hours at the rink……legs¬†¬† are¬†¬† dead!!

my feet hurt

I am starving

went home for a nap and chilli.

another walk tonight with Jenna….

tomorrow is a new week….

Well yesterday as a slow day at work and hoe, went to the rink ad spent 2 hors re-leanng how to do¬†figureskating moves…fun

was going to do up the gym after but decided to forgo for a little turbo fire” hiit…..and watched the Yankees get their asses handed to them by the rangers….

today was much the same….3 hours at the rink followed by cooking chilli and watching the phillies and the giants…..after 3 days at the rink solid sweating…i look like this…..

I am pooped, but the chilli was awesome….and the game is entertaining me….an early night most likely. got pansy on ice… i mean battle of he blades again tomorrow… hockey skates…forgot to mntion that

Well it was weigh day yesterday and I am up a pound. Rounding out to 232.8, shit.¬† Well it could have been to the fact that last night after I had my spin incident I decided it would be a good idea to come home and eat a bowl of pasta. Maybe, and the fact that i hydrated myself extrememly well all day yesterday.¬† anyway….

After WW, went to eat some ginger beef, treat night, and then I was off to hockey practice.

We got our team a coach so it was a great workout and today my legs are tired.¬† I also got talked into a community event called Battle of the blades, which I refered to as blades on fire all night haha.¬† I have to make up a routine with a pro, and skate in front of an arena full of people.¬† Talked to someone today, since I couldn’t sleep all night since I was a nervous wreck.¬† Looks like I may be off the hook if some dude goes to his meeting that day.¬† Anyway I gota be at the rink at 6pm, so there goes my evening walk, which was probably shot anyway since its SNOWING…..

maybe a gym sesh is in order after the rink, we will see…..

well last night I went to spin, lasted 30 minutes, then fainted….WTF

I never fainted before so that was a new one. and they called the paramedics.

Everything checked out so it must have just been a combo of things.¬† I even adjusted my intensity when i felt light headed in the middle. But it didn’t work.¬† Gonna keep an eye on myself today.

It sounds really bed but i think the gym has to call the paramedics for any reason someone gets hurt, I really didn’t think it was necessary but hey…better safe than sorry….

I ate good, so it wasn’t that. good ol pb and toast for breakfast, tomato soup, cheese, crackers, cookie for lunch.¬† and before i left for spin I made sure I ate some sweet potato, tofu, and had a spoonful of PB just in case…..maybe it wasn’t enough, but I’m pretty sure the 4 cups of coffee I had today had something to do with it….gonna go easy on that the rest of the week

big day at school… until later….weigh in day and hockey practice¬†tonight!! whoop

Posted on: October 20, 2010

This is a list of fitness related things that I would like to happen within my lifetime. October 20th, 2010

  • 150 pounds. (Current 231)
  • Size 29 waist pants. (currently 34/36)
  • Size small shirt. (current L/XL)
  • 7 minute mile. (currently 12:38)
  • Go a full year and stay within 10 pounds of 150.
  • a marathon. Only done about 2k in succession so far
  • Complete a pull-up. Haven‚Äôt ever done one. Maybe even 5 if that is possible
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle / dietary style.
  • Convert myself to water-only for the most part.
  • Be competitive in some sort of triathlon or adventure race of some sort.
  • Do 100 pushups without stopping. (currently 6)
  • Fit into my True Religion Jeans
  • Rid Fast food from my life
  • Qualify for the Boston Marathon before I am 30‚Ķand maybe even complete it.
  • Get back to Swimming.
  • Quit Drinking!!!

I started this patteren when I got home from work and I am going to try and banish that from my system.¬† NAPPING! and not just any napping….2 hour hnapping…getting up and feeling like poop napping…..NO MORE

So I decided to work my way into supper which was a great granola/cottage cheese/pumpkin/coconut/walnut/agave nectar mix. I didn’t feel like cooking so that was that.¬†

Jumped on the scale this morning at 232…up from last week but I had a fun weekend.¬†

Decided to go for a 6k walk tonight and check out the new room at the gym where I will be killing myself on a bike tonight at spin class.¬† But after 12 hours of sleep last night that I desperatly needed, and a sore neck today, hopefully I am up for the challange.¬† Last time I tried spin….I could barely walk or sit down for 4 days…:S

Yesterday was a busy day at work….never stopped til 2pm, but busy days go by so quick I don’t mind at all.


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