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well….won the game 7-3

this means I can keep up with Junior High and High school kids for 60 minutes of hardcore cardio….SCORE

today, I feel about 65 and may need a walker.  But the pride helps.


what is it gonna be body….

(ps- said boy came to watch and keep score of the game for us….well I am not sure if it was for me…the rink in general…or his ref friend….but…score?)


Well its Wednesday….last two days have been pretty sub par.  I mean work/workout/sleep sorta cycle.  I even made boring toast/pb/banana for supper (can’t even get  Well last night I pounded out 3K and beat my previous time by about 5 minutes. I ROCK.  I am still trying to get to 5k, my own way. But so far 3K in 30 minutes is what I got (average 12 min mile..slow but steady).  After that I ran over to a friends house to pick up what I forgot there Saturday night.  Needless to say this person is one of those male friends who I am completely in awe over.  I can’t seem to get past his kindness/loyalty/fun/caring/halarious personality.  One catch….I can’t tell him how I feel.  SO im in the friend zone listening to his relationship woes…giving decent advice on my part….helping him with replies to texts…and everything else.  Meanwhile my heart hurts and I just want to scream (things like “your so blind”….” if i had you I would never break up with you every week and take you back the week after”…etc and so on).  We have all been in things like this before….pretty sure it ends badly for me.  ME, the sucker, even cooks for this friend.  Made a big stew saturday and brought it over…..yes I have loser tattooed accross my forehead.  Its confidence things like this that I am learning to overcome, but in baby steps.  I have been in this situation more times than not, and I know what rejection feels like…..I don’t wnat to loose a friend over it….but if its bothering me this much…what do I do?

upside….4 hockey games in 5 days, might get my mind of it (hes likely reffing them so yeah right.) and tomorrow is weigh day….come on 225!! 

I think I am going to start putting more pics on here….this is boring hahaha

that many days til I’m in the air on the way to see my family and friends, this weekend was filled with farmers markets and making supper for special peopl :P.  Today I ran my face off an elipticaled, total an hour of cardio.  Came home to delicious home made chicken noodle soup, gonna relax and wait for another monday…barf

Basically these days all blended together and involved work, gym, bed, repeat. 

LAst night I weighed in at….226.6 WHOP!

Went to hockey practice and called it a night with a new book (THousand splendid suns) LOVE LOVE LOVE it, I seriously can’t put it down and loose sleep over it cause I can’t stop reading….wow. 

Today is Friday, thank god, I ma excited for another weekend closer to going home for xmas to the east coast….heres hoping I crush that 6.6 pounds into fine dust before then haha….lates

had a pretty steller weekend….shopped til I dropped Saturday and grey cupped it Sunday..go Montreal… (jumped on the scale Sunday..225…WOW) (Jumped on the scale this morning 230..fawk….I blame chilli and wine..we will see tomorrow)

228.2…..won the gme 10-4….pat myself on the back…YOU KNOW IT!!!

Its warming up….to about -15 but still

last night did legs and hardcore cardio…new gym buddy helped, she lost a ton of weight a few years back and knows where I am coming from….gave me a bag with some clothes she i too small for….nike winter jacket, smart set vest, tna sweater…..SCORE!!

went back again tonight and did eliptical intervals an arms….felt good…

weight day and hockey game tomorrow….fingers crossed!


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