Alisha is doin life like the other guys

so yeah, ASK ME how much I want to go to te gym…..

its so crazy cold here today (-30 celcius) and all I wanted to do was go home and sleep…..well I did, but not before I texted a fellow gym go-er for a late night gymsesh at 9pm….gettin ready as we speak…hope this helps…


it was a pretty good weekend,

Friday I gymmed it then went to a game night with work peeps

Saturday I went to GP then to visit the family, had a lenghtly discussion about a lot of important stuff…

Sunday I gymmed it an went for a drive with the roomates, was suppost to cook supper for a friend but I didn’t feel too well so I layed down.  fast foward to today, I didn’t go to work. Was up all night sick.  I just tried to eat supper and could only eat half….an now my stomach hurts….

bed and movies for the rest of the night….


Posted on: November 19, 2010

yes I woke up this morning to -31 celcius…..holy it was cold.

Last night I weighed in at 231…up from last week but still getting smaller and smaller in my weight fluxuation…..

had hockey practice and went home and went to bed, I was tired and did not want to get out of bed this morning, I didn’t even know it was so cold out either, that didn’t help in the least…..

today I want to go to the gym after work, who knows if that will happen…..this weekend is going to be a relaxed one, going to try and get back on track with making sure I write down everything I eat and stay within my range…here goes nothin…

my new mizunos sneakers came in…..soooo

I had to go to the gym

they were awesome but I forgot my headphones dammt!

aw well 50 min of cardio…

snowing like  effer here….rom 0 to 20cm and no sign of stoping…….so Im catchin up on Greys… nite nite

Weigh day tomorrow..this is my excited face…..


Posted on: November 16, 2010

yes….today I am 27

Last night I did not do any exercise…

I went to my family’s and drank 2 and a half glasses of wine.  I want to eat good today but its my birthday and I have been invited out for supper…..delimma.

got on the scale this morning and it reads 231.8…..up from 229.4, but heres hoping the next two days go better….

tracking food begins lol…

escaped to Calgary to visit best friend on Wednesday….

I want to live there….hiking/walking trails are awesome!!


Last night instead of going to do laps I busted out at deep water fitness.  It was ok but I am a lap girl not a noodle fan.  I think it was a good workout none the less, still don’t feel as tired as I usually do the day after.  I like that feeling somehow.  Especially when I pigged out at the potluck at work today…twice (once for lunch and once for supper) since it was parent teacher after school…..

got on the scale this morning…..not cool.  But Thursday is my offical weighing in day.  So I have a few days to get back on track….plus I am probably retaining water and god knows what from a weekend of hockey.  Maybe I will let my body relax for a bit eh.


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